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Welcome to ToothTalk!

Elevate your dental practice's efficiency and revenue with our after-hours and weekend scheduling services, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care while we handle your administrative needs.

Who We Are

Toothtalk is a specialized dental call center dedicated to providing exceptional after-hours and weekend appointment scheduling, handling patient inquiries, and ensuring effective communication for dental practices. Our team of dental administrators is not only trained to manage all patient inquiries with professionalism and efficiency but also brings over 10 years of experience working in Canadian dental offices. This deep understanding of clinic and patient needs, coupled with expertise in dealing with insurance plans, ensures that your patients receive a satisfying experience with your practice.

Our Services

Extended Accessibility

Offering scheduling and inquiry handling services beyond regular office hours allows patients to book appointments or seek information at their convenience, increasing the likelihood of filling available slots in the coming weeks.

Maximized Scheduling Opportunities

Utilizing the quieter after-hours and weekend periods to proactively reach out to patients for appointment reminders or rescheduling can help optimize the practice's schedule, ensuring no time slots go unused.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Providing patients with the flexibility to interact with the office during evenings and weekends enhances their overall experience and satisfaction, making them more likely to remain loyal to the practice and keep their appointments.

Increased Efficiency

By handling scheduling and inquiries outside regular hours, the dental office can start each day with an updated and optimized schedule, allowing the staff to focus on delivering care instead of managing last-minute changes.

Proactive Filling of Cancellations

Monitoring and managing cancellations in real-time during after-hours and weekends enables the quick filling of these slots, reducing the impact of no-shows on the practice's revenue and productivity.


Dr. Edward Cho

“Toothtalk has been an invaluable asset to my practice. Their after-hours and weekend appointment scheduling services have increased my practice's revenue, and their efficient communication services have improved patient satisfaction.”
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